How much are baby turtles?

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How much are baby turtles?

The price of a baby turtle can vary greatly. Expect to pay between a price range of $10 and $100 depending on the turtle species. There are even some exotic turtle species that can cost between $250 and $500.

Baby turtles can be relatively inexpensive in comparisons to other pets like kittens and puppies. However, they require consistent and dedicated care throughout their lives.

Quick note: A turtle less than 6 months of age is considered a baby turtle. Generally, turtle between 6 months and 2 years of age are considered juvenile turtles.

Price of different species of baby turtles

The price of baby turtles can fluctuate widely depending on many factors. These factors include the availability, turtle species, or turtle age.

Below are the usual prices for some of the most popular baby turtle species:

Turtle speciesBaby turtle average price
Red-Eared Slider       $10 to $15
Eastern Painted Turtles         $25 to $30
Western Painted Turtle          $15 to $25
African Side-Neck Turtle       $30 to $40
Russian Tortoise        $70 to $80
Twist Neck Turtle       $80 to $100
Ornate Box Turtle      $70 to $80
Belize Slider Turtle    $50 to $75
Common Musk Turtle$20 to $25
Russian Tortoise        $70 to $80
Indian Star Tortoise   $500 to $600

The cost of a baby turtle also depends on where you buy it from. Below are the costs at some of the most popular pet stores. As you can see from the chart above, the most expensive baby turtle is the Belize Slider. The most expensive tortoise is the Indian Star Tortoise.

If you plan on buying a baby turtle, you should check out my article on how to take care of a baby turtle.

Best accessories for baby turtles

Aside from the cost of the turtle itself, you will also have to pay for accessories for the tank. Below are some cool turtle tank accessories.

Turtles Dock for Baby Turtles ($13.99)

Turtle Tank Bubble Decoration Light ($23.99)

What do you have to buy for a baby turtle?

The total one-time initial cost is often overlooked when determining a baby turtle’s true ownership cost. Turtles need a dedicated enclosure where temperature, humidity, water quailty, and lighting need to be maintained.

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